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ProfitProgrammer for the Micros 1700 is designed to be used by the Micros dealer. ProfitProgrammer will have a familiar look and feel to those of you who have previously used ProfitWare software. It is essentially an easier method of programming your 1700 menu item file and employee file from your PC, utilizing the Micros PC1700 Interface Utility. Based on existing features in ProfitWare's original POS Interface software, ProfitProgrammer adds additional functionality (such as renumbering menu items), making a once time-consuming programming effort, nearly effortless.

POS Interface for Micros 1700

The POS Interface is the easiest to use and most flexible system available for interfacing Micros 1700 cash registers to a PC! This software is designed to support the day-to-day operations of both Micros dealers and 1700 users.

Micros Dealers

Programming and testing the 1700 is a time-consuming and error-prone task. This software provides the ability to create and maintain your client's menu item files directly on a PC. Remote communications are integrated into the product, providing a built-in electronic support facility for your 1700 customers. POS Interface for Micros 1700 reporting capabilities will simplify your desk-checking with easy-to-read formats for all 1700 files. Improved efficiency, better support and a reduction in programming errors translates to increased profits!

1700 Customers

Whether your business is food service or retail, POS Interface for Micros 1700 will enhance the return on your hardware investment. Price changes can be centrally controlled from a PC and broadcast to all revenue centers (also referred to as locations, profit centers, cost centers, stores or a logical group of cash registers). Financial summaries for individual revenue centers can be consolidated and historical data can be accumulated and reported in a variety of ways. Standard ASCII data files can be created for use in spreadsheet and word processing software.

Nightly unattended polling of your revenue centers is now possible. Yesterday's results are exported from the 1700, saved to a hard disk and formatted on a PC printer, ready for you when you arrive the next morning! Resets are performed automatically after all pertinent data has been saved on the PC, eliminating the need for manual "Z" reports to be taken at the cash register. Nightly backups of your cash registers are performed to provide an adequate backup/recovery mechanism. The resets and nightly backups can be turned off if you prefer to handle these manually.

This software supports multiple methods for interfacing to a PC. Each revenue center/store can be cabled directly to a communications (COM) port or through a COM port sharing device (code operated switch). A revenue center/store can also be connected remotely via Hayes compatible asynchronous (dial-up) modems. You define how each revenue center/store will communicate to a PC!

POS Interface for Micros 1700 improves control over critical financial data, speeds consolidation reporting, maintains historical trend information and eliminates the errors associated with handling the same data more than once. This translates to improved efficiency, better decisions and increased profits!


ProfitWare's POS Interface for Micros 1700 offers the following standard features:

Automatic Polling

The system will begin the polling process at a user-specified time (which can vary by revenue center) and process each revenue center in a user-specified sequence, all in an un-attended fashion. For totally un-attended polling (i.e. over a weekend or whenever no one is available to run the software), the system can be run from the DOS prompt or a .BAT file, either under it's own scheduling or incorporated into scheduling software. The polling process is usually performed at the end of the business day and performs the following tasks for each revenue center:

In order to maintain flexibility, each of these tasks can be optionally "turned off" for a specific revenue center and therefore not be performed.


This system delivers a powerful set of reports to assist in the control of financial data and to provide the decision-making process with valuable sales analysis data, in addition to productivity reports combining labor and sales information. Reports can be run automatically during the end-of-day polling process or they can be "demanded" during the day. "Demand" reporting makes it possible to manually take reports on the information obtained during the end-of-day polling or to take "X" readings on all cash registers from a remote location to get current information from the registers. In addition, all reports can be "printed" to the screen, reducing paper waste. Optionally, standard ASCII files can be output for use by other software products (e.g. menu item file for use in inventory software). There is now a specific interface to Food Trak's software.

Control Reporting

Sales Analysis Reporting

Productivity Reporting

File Maintenance

The entire menu file for a cash register can be created/updated on a PC and loaded back to the cash register. This activity can take place during the day when the registers are actually in use. This makes it easier to plan changes since menu changes can be made ahead of time on a PC and broadcast back to the cash registers at the appropriate time. All menu file programming changes are printed automatically on an audit report which shows the "after" image of each "changed" menu item.

The employee file can also be maintained from a PC. Operator data can now be controlled from a central location. This facility allows for the add, change and delete of operators. Operator names, passwords and privilege codes can be updated. If you are using the labor capabilities of the 1700, employee pay rates can be adjusted also.

A unique feature of ProfitWare's software package is the ability to enter deposit amounts back into the system (by cashier or register) so that over/shorts can be calculated and saved along with deposits to historical files for subsequent output to Cashier/Register Balancing reports, the Monthly Sales Activity Report and historical reports.

You can control the size of your history files by periodically purging old history data or it can even be set up to purge automatically during your end-of-day polling.

A reindex utility is included under this menu option. Should your PC files' indexes become corrupted (which occasionally can happen during a power outage), a reindex of the offending file usually fixes the problem. The reindex feature can also be run stand-alone from the DOS prompt.

System Administration

The system can update the date/time on all cash registers, test communication links, automatically poll cash registers (end-of-day process) and import menu item changes and employee (operator) changes to the cash registers from the PC. In addition, if you delayed printing your end-of-day reports to avoid late-night, unattended printer jams, you can print them all at once here, rather than printing them manually one at a time from the Report Menu. Also included in this menu is an interface to bar-code printing software called WriteBar.

System Configuration

The definition of revenue centers, cash registers, calendars and system-level parameters is under the control of the user. This built-in flexibility allows a user of ProfitWare's POS Interface for Micros 1700 to configure the software based on the ever-changing needs of business. Changes to your business can quickly be reflected in the system configuration (e.g. a new store is opened or a cash register is added to an existing store).


The mysterious process of communicating a PC with a cash register has been de-mystified in this software package. Checklists are provided to insure all the necessary preparations have been made. In the event problems persist, a trouble-shooting appendix has been added to specifically address communication problems. Direct-connect or dial-up? The choice is yours! You can even change your mind and your method of communication at any point in time. Got a "unique" modem? Your ability to tailor a modem's initialization string through this software package should eliminate compatibility problems. ProfitWare's communications expertise will guide you through a successful implementation.

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