Software for Micros 2700

ProfitWare offers two software packages for utilizing data from the Micros 2700 cash registers.

ProfitPoll 2000

ProfitPoll 2000 is a truly generic polling package for the purpose of automatically and easily obtaining ASCII files for use in other software, such as RestaurantComp's Daily Bookkeeper, Food Trak, Micros RMC Inventory/Food Cost, RAS's Back Office Inventory, and more. ProfitPoll is capable of automated, unattended, multi-site polling of any register that has a polling utility, such as the Micros PC1700 or PC2700 Interface Utilities.

ProfitPoll is the easiest to use and most flexible system available for interfacing many different brands of cash registers to a PC! This software is designed to ease the burden of polling cash registers by totally automating the process of exporting ASCII files from your registers to your PC, whether it be a single-site installation or multi-site. It can also automate the process of running Micros AutoSequence reports.

Nightly unattended polling of each of your locations is now possible. Yesterday's results are exported from the cash registers and saved to a hard disk in one of two ways: either in a ready-to-use ASCII-file format for interfacing to your favorite back-office software and/or spreadsheet, or in a report-file format if you run Micros AutoSequence reports. Resets can be performed automatically after all pertinent data has been saved on the PC, if you desire, eliminating the need for manual resets to be taken at the cash register.

ProfitPoll contains the same polling engine as ProfitWare's original POS Interface for the Micros 1700 to automatically poll registers on a user-defined schedule via direct connections and/or dial-up modems. The entire polling process is entirely user-configurable. Only the files a user needs are exported. The file names and directory paths can be user-specified. ProfitPoll is pre-configured for interfacing a 2700 with all the applications mentioned above. A user can interface to any other application simply by adding the application name and "attaching" the correct register files to that application. The user may select several applications to interface with and the applicable files are all exported at one time. A user with multiple platforms (for instance, 1700's installed at one location and 2700's at another) can now poll both locations with one simple program ... ProfitPoll!

This software supports multiple methods for interfacing to a PC. Each location can be cabled directly to the PC's communications (COM) port or through a COM port sharing device (code operated switch). A location can also be connected remotely via Hayes compatible asynchronous, dial-up modems. (Note that if you are communicating to a Micros 2700, you can also connect through the Micros PC-ISN board.) You define how each location will communicate to your PC!


ProfitWare's ProfitPoll offers the following standard features:

Automatic Polling

The system will begin the polling process at a user-specified time (which can vary by location) and process each location in a user-specified sequence, all in an un-attended fashion. For totally un-attended polling (i.e. over a weekend or whenever no one is available to run the software), the system can be run from the DOS prompt or a .BAT file, either under it's own scheduling or incorporated into scheduling software. The polling process is usually performed at the end of the business day and performs the following tasks for each active location:

In order to maintain flexibility, each of these tasks can be optionally "turned off" for a specific location and therefore not be performed.

System Configuration

The definition of locations (time and method of polling, etc.), which files are to be exported from the registers, the DOS file names/paths of those files and other system-level parameters are all under the complete control of the user. This built-in flexibility allows a user of ProfitWare's ProfitPoll to configure the software based on the ever-changing needs of business. Changes to your business can quickly be reflected in the system configuration (e.g. a new store is opened or you decide to interface to an additional software package).


The mysterious process of communicating a PC with a cash register has been de-mystified with this software package. Direct-connect or dial-up? The choice is yours! You can even change your mind and your method of communication at any point in time. Got a "unique" modem? Your ability to tailor a modem's initialization string through this software package should eliminate compatibility problems. ProfitWare's communications expertise will guide you through a successful implementation.

2700 Report Module

The 2700 Report Module is designed as an easy method of capturing and reporting historical information from the Micros 2700 cash register for both single-site and multi-site installations. With historical information at your fingertips, you will be better able to make informed decisions concerning your business!

This software supports multiple methods for interfacing to a Micros 2700 cash register. You can manually get the appropriate ASCII files yourself on a daily basis using the Micros PC2700 Interface Utility. Or, you can utilize ProfitWare's ProfitPoll, which automates the scheduling and polling of the register(s) and is already configured to export the correct ASCII files with the correct filenames to support the 2700 Report Module.


ProfitWare's 2700 Report Module offers the following standard features:


The definition of locations, which history files are being maintained, how often to purge the history data, etc. are all under the complete control of the user. This built-in flexibility allows a user of ProfitWare's 2700 Report Module to configure the software based on the ever-changing needs of business. Changes to your business can quickly be reflected in the system configuration (e.g. a new store is opened).


The software allows the configuring of Auto-Sequenced reporting. You can specify on a daily, end-of-week, end-of-month and end-of-year basis, which reports you want to see based on your processing date.

Command-line Processing

If you choose to, the software can be run from the DOS prompt in command-line mode rather than from the menus. It will automatically update your historical database files and print your auto-sequenced reports for either all dates available, or for only the date you specify in the command-line.

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Last updated on 10/29/00.

Other Platforms

Currently, polling modules only exist for these two platforms (Micros 1700 and Micros 2700), but additional modules will be developed as the need arises. This will not be limited to Micros hardware ... NCR, Casio, Panasonic, etc., are possibilities. An Omron module is currently in the works and is close to being completed. If you have any interest in this area, please let us know!